I’m Julia Ford




Coping with a changing world

Are you struggling to cope with the uncertainity that has become a part of our lives?

The new normal may have created all sorts of havoc with our psyche but it doesn’t mean we can’t become resilient and empowered beings.

We must learn to find a new positive story for our lives now more than ever.

Stress & Anxiety

Ongoing feelings of anxiety and hopelessness can lead to depression.

Together we can discover your unique inner strengths and create the tools needed for you to overcome the fears holding you back from enjoying life.



We are all trying to find our way through strange and trying times.

Counselling Can Truly Help

Although we are not alone in this struggle, the path that ultimately leads us to peace will be different for each of us. There is no “one size fits all” counselling session.

I work with my clients on an individual basis, finding the right tools and techniques that will help that person connect with their own innate strength that allows them to reach their personal goal.  What ever that goal may be…

What Is Counselling?
Who is Counselling For?

Counselling can nurture us through the toughest of times. I believe it should be a comfortable, natural and self enlightening journey that will ultimately lead you to feeling healed from within and at peace with yourself.

Let me show you how to tap into your inner warrior and give you the tools to take back your power and remember the true value of self.

Family & Relationships:

Help is here!  Respectful communication and understanding are key to healthy relationships. Learn how to change old programmed behaviours and reconnect harmoniously with loved ones.

Career / Work:

Be the master of your own destiny! Bringing out your hidden talents and focusing on your strengths will give you the skills you need to forge your own path forward in your chosen field.


Over the years I have gained the knowledge and expertise to teach you the skills needed to release from the addictive patterns of:

      • Substance abuse
      • Sex addiction
      • Gambling
      • Smoking


As a working Mum who had to overcome her own years of traumatic experiences I can share with you tools and techniques that will empower you work through then release overwhelming feelings of sadness or lack of joy. There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel!

About Me

Having helped my clients with a variety of mental health issues in the past 18 years has given me a broad range of understanding and intimate knowledge of how life’s challenges uniquely affect all of us. I have worked across different sectors of the community including:

  • Family & Community Services (FACS)
  • Women’s Referral & Access Project (WRAPS)
  • Care Coordinator (non government organizations)
  • Partner’s In Recovery (addiction rehabilitation)

In advocating for the diverse needs of these groups I have developed a familiarity and understanding of what my client needs to move forward with their lives.

I have the ability to provide a high-quality standard of care that is in line with current evidence-based models of practice. My academic and practical experience using strength-based practice has been paramount to ensuring clients can recover to the best of their unique and individual abilities.


Australian Counselling Association of Australia (ACA)
Bachelor of Social Science
(majors in Counselling, Community Development & Human Services)
Current Senior First Aid Certificate