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I’m Melina owner & operator of Primal Release Massage and Remedial Therapies, a business I established in Noosa back in 2012.   I just wanted to share my back story with you about how and why I became fascinated with the way our bodies function and it’s amzing ability to heal.

There I was in the 90’s living the dream! Sailing through the beautiful waters of the Great Barrier Reef, enjoying life as a liveaboard yachtie. The plan was to sail up around the top end of Australia, spend time cruising the Kimberly Coast and then head down to Fremantle, W.A.

To replenish the sailing kitty I took an admin position with a general aviation company, Falcon Airlines in Cairns, F.N.Q.  In Nov ’96 the company asked me to spend a week at their Horn Island office based in the Torres Straits for staff training.

My World Literally Took A Plunge

On the return journey home we were asked to fly an aged Piper Aztec Cherokee aircraft (that was way overdue for it’s annual maintenance service) back to our Cairns base. A trip that we did not complete… instead the aircraft ran out of fuel, 22 nautical miles north of Palm Cove, QLD. The pilot just managed to issue a ‘Mayday’ call before the plane ditched into the ocean below us.

On our rapid descent into the ocean I was trying to remember the brace instructions that air hostess repeat every time you fly. As I was deciding which position would result in the least amount of damage to me (should I survive!) the passenger seated behind me thought the pilot urged us to undo our seatbelts.

Upon impact the passenger behind me became a flying missile, forcefully slamming into the back of my neck, mid thoracic and lower back.

The impact was so great I thought I had broken my neck! My mind raced with thoughts of how I would now live as a paraplegic.

As the plane scuddered along the ocean floor I braced for what I thought would be my final moments on the planet….I was very surprised when the plane popped back up to the surface. Luckily for us my former partner was also onboard and had wedged his body in the open door of the aircraft. He took control of this very surreal situation and pulled myself and the other passengers out of the plane. He reached in for me first and dragged me onto the submerged wing of the plane. I was urged to get off the craft and into the water before it sank again. I refused! I knew the area the plane went down in was known as “Shark Alley”.

I didn’t see the point of surviving a plane crash only to be taken by a shark. As I wouldn’t get out of the way, the other passengers were pulled out of the plane cabin and rolled over my extended legs. (Resulting in a full tear to my sartorius thigh muscle).

When I did eventually enter the water I realized I had use of all my limbs but was feeling incredible pain throughout my entire body. As the adrenaline kicked in I swam towards the light we could see in the distance.

A few hours later we were rescued by the Cairns based rescue chopper.

During the rescue mission I sustained further injuries when the cable rope became entangled with me as another passenger was being winched up. The impact and subsequent rescue resulted in whiplash, subluxated vertebrae, tears to ligaments & muscles and pelvic damage.

In the aftermath of the crash I experienced feelings of….

•  On going neck, back and hip pain

•  Constant headaches

•  Restricted movement

•  Stress

•  Frustration

•  Anxiety…..then finally

•  Depression

•  P.T.S.D.


Rehabilitation on the beach


Months after the plane crash I was still dealing with severe restriction of neck movements, constant headaches and migraines, daily back pain, numbness, sciatica, torn ligaments, hip pain and general misery!

I did not want to spend the rest of my days in this debilitating condition & I desperately wanted my active life back…. so I decided to create a recovery regime for myself. I began daily strengthening exercises based on yoga poses and aerobic movements I used to do when I was fit & fabulous.

Really connecting to the pain areas in my body I worked out ways to release then realign my body. As different areas of my injured body repaired I noticed how that would affect my gait, posture, sleeping position and various daily activities.

On my journey to recovery I was always on the lookout for experienced practitioners who would share the wisdom of their knowledge. I was so grateful for their assistance in helping me release the overwhelming pain I was feeling that I made a personal promise to myself….I would learn as much as I could about the wholistic structure of the body and it’s operating mechanisms so that I too could help others not enjoying life because of pain.

I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with my clients who are tired of living in constant pain. It’s a beautiful gift to be able to help facilitate other people’s bodies innate healing response. Allowing their body to let go, release then realign. Giving them more flexibility and gaining freedom of movement once again!

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